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Commonly, an escort is paid for the companionship. Even though they are also paid for sex but some people assume that it is legal but once again you have to know the rules and laws of the country. At first, escorts are those who are actually escorting people to many places. In other words, an escort is simply like a companion. Otherwise, in fact, many escorts are also into sex for more money. If you are going to hire an escort, you may consider seeking other alternatives if your purpose is to have a companion going to some new places you have never known before.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Health And Wellness

Achieving a state of good health and wellness means living a higher quality of life and experiencing a peace that goes beyond what material wealth and external situations can offer. The state of health and wellness is priceless yet available to rich and poor alike. Health and wellness is the food for a complete life. Only materialistic gains don't determine peace and consistency in life. A proper health and wellness is attained when you relinquish all your needless qualms and achieve serenity. Wellness cannot be achieved superficially neither can it be tagged. A healthy life helps human to achieve wellness which is the real wealth of life. Good health and wellness inspires you to lead a hale and hearty life and thereby encourages you to leave all your anxiety, tragedy and disease behind you. Health and wellness encourages you to get geared up to accept every altercation sportingly that our prolific life offers. Achieve presence and peace of mind with a good cognitive and mind-body health. Take care of your health with natural diet, exercise, prevention, natural remedies, soothing sleep and other relaxation tools.

The main criterion to accomplish a good health is to have a balanced diet. An alarming survey has shown that in America, obesity is rampant, diabetes is epidemic and chronic disease is sky rocketing. This is caused due to excess intake of calorie consuming food like soft drinks, desserts, sweets, alcoholic beverages and salty snacks. Americans get plenty of calories but less of nutrition. No magic formula will trim away the extra pounds and keep them off. A balanced healthy diet can only do the wonder. Think smart, eat right and move more- these are the three plans of actions to be emulated if you wish to maintain a fitness regime. A healthy diet which means eating right recommends substituting fat-free or low fat milk with whole milk and save about 65 calories for each 8 ounce serving. Sometimes products labeled low fat can be high in calories. For example, low fat yoghurt can be high in calories. You can opt for fat free, low sugar added yoghurt instead for a fraction of calories. Don't forget including high fiber food in your diet. Eating right will not only keep your health sculpted like a star but will also ingrain oodles of vigor in you. All of us today had to undergo heaps of anxiety in our professional as well as personal life and this inevitable stress eventually trims down our health thereby affecting our mind. To lead a healthy life and acquire wellness, a good health which comes from an impeccable diet is the basic requirement. High fiber foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables take some time to digest but this makes you feel fuller for long and will combat you from indulging into any unhealthy junk food. Include plenty of fruits in your diet since they add volumes to your health and also prevents you from taking any other calorie consuming drinks. Cut your favorite candy bar into bite-sized pieces. Buy that candy bar, slice it into pieces and then freeze it for sometime before you eat. This will dilute the surfeit sugar consumed by those candies and will make it a healthy food. While eating out, consider having two low calorie appetizers instead of an entrée. Eating right will help you feel contented and occupied without splurging on calories. Make your own diet chart and keep those palatable items in individual fresh packs. It is a time saving as well as a handy formula to keep up a good health.

Good health determines a balanced mind, body and soul. Foods those are rich in fiber throws in to a good health ardently. It helps your colon work better, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer and it is associated with low cholesterol levels. Men over 50 years of age should intake 30 grams of fiber per day and women above 50 years should have 21 grams per day. Good health is not always about eating right. It has a wider meaning. To endorse good health, you need to coddle into some healthy physical exercises along with a proper diet. Exercising not only rejuvenates you inside out but also has a cleansing effect both physically and ethereally. All the waste matters and toxins in our body get eliminated through sweating when we do the exercises. Besides, blood circulation and respiratory system are greatly improved by regular exercises. Yoga, dancing, martial arts, sports, jogging, mountaineering or brisk walking if practiced regularly, will add immense value to your health and wellness. Good health also includes combustion of ill addictions such as tobacco, powerful liquor or any other drugs that can be life-taxing. Certain places are known to be superficially grimy like hospitals, funeral parlors, cemeteries, etc and weak persons are advised to take a shower after they pay a visit to such places. Visiting sea beaches confer a sedative effect on mind which is a significant factor in good health as sea water has a natural cleansing effect on the energy body. Emotional and mental hygiene is also a vital stipulation of good health. An emotional and mental hygiene mean having positive feelings like kindness, happiness, joy and enthusiasm which has a beneficiary impact on one's emotions and thereby contributes a lot to health. Negative thoughts on the other hand lead to some acute health problems like migraine headache, acute sinusitis, hyperthyroidism, cholesterol, infected kidneys, constipation and many more such diseases. Thus, to gain a good health, not only you have to keep up a healthy diet but also a proper health and wellness regime along with good thoughts to keep yourself all geared up to enjoy life freely.

We all are wisely aware of our health and wellness and also how a little vigilance can avert us from getting infected to some malignant diseases like Aids, breast cancer and diabetes. Various health and wellness campaigns are held to make us sentient of the various safety measures to be taken to shun such maladies. Among all these diseases, breast cancer is one of the scariest diseases. It's a malignant tumor in breast. Several breast cancer awareness campaigns are being set up every year to pass on the note of different prevention procedures of breast cancer to women so that they can combat it on the preliminary stage itself. For more than 20 years, National breast cancer awareness month has educated women about early breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. 1st October to 31st October is the national breast cancer awareness month. Mammography screenings are a women's best chance to detect breast cancer early. Combined with a few treatment options, mammography can actually help bring down this virus to a great extent, thereby affirming a healthy life and these issues are elucidated clearly and elaborately in the breast cancer awareness campaigns.

AIDS stands for "acquired immune deficiency syndrome". AIDS destroy the whole immune system in the body of an individual which helps us fight back the ailments that our health endures. But if the immune system is eradicated then it will not kill the individual at the first shot but will make his body nil in resistant power. AIDS usually roots out from physical intimacy if the other person is infected with it, it might get transmitted from sharing similar needles and also any kind of blood transfusion. AIDS awareness campaigns are being set every year to deliver a range of safety measures that should be taken in order to thwart it. All these AIDS awareness campaigns actually notify you as to how you should go about these prevention procedures and claim for a healthy life. Besides, there are many AIDS awareness hotline that help you to fight with all these malignant diseases and save your health and wellness. 1st December is recognized as World's Aids Day.

Other health awareness issues also include lung cancer awareness, vegetarian awareness, diabetic awareness and hypertension awareness series. Separate awareness programs are held to combat all these malignant diseases and with your little endeavor towards your health and wellness, you can keep yourself far away from these nerve wracking maladies and claim for a healthy life along with wellness.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comparing Prices of Lizard Care or Cat Health Treatments

Make sure that when you are comparing prices of your veterinarian services, you no longer have to fall into that trap of looking for the lowest or cheapest price ever again. For instance, you are in the need to look for the bestLizard Care center unit or you may also want to know where to get the best Spay surgery right now, or probably, you need the to know where to get the best Cat Health one-day-care facility you could always trust. What you need to do, instead of looking fo the lowest price, is then to find the most reasonable price for the services you are about to take.

You can do this by first set your own services’ conditions you want your veterinarian to give. To get best Lizard Care services, for instance, you need someone from the clinic to pick up your pet, or you want experienced veterinarians only, or you need some other equipments or facilities for your special pet. As for the Spay surgery, you need certain extra procedures, extra items, and or extra caring services. Similar thing can be said to get the best Cat Health care service. You need delivery and pick up, special cage, extra treatments, and so on.

Once you have decided all of these services’ conditions, match yours with the offers you get from your veterinarian clinics: the highest, or all if possible, match is your most reasonable price to get. There is, needless to say, always a probability that your overall Lizard Care services’ price or the exact Spay surgery’s cost and or your Cat Health treatments may cost you more that what oyu originally expected. Then again, wouldn’t it be better to pay more and get best services that suit your purposes rather than to pay less and get nothing at all?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Dance of Canine Massage

I have a couple of confessions to make. One involves a guilty pleasure and the other reveals a secret in order to give credit where credit is due. The first confession is the guilty pleasure. I admit to watching one - and only one - reality show in particular - "Dancing with the Stars". For me, nothing quite compares with the pure pleasure of watching two beings become one for a brief period of time as they glide gracefully - for the most part - around the dance floor. I know from the show that it takes a significant amount of learning to master the myriad of steps - the technical part of the dance - that when performed successfully makes the dance appear effortless. Yet there's another more elusive part that's equally as difficult to learn. And which calls for both dance partners to let go of their individual selves and trust together in a shared bond as their physical movements merge in perfect harmony. This elusive part is best defined as both a mutual awareness of the other partner and a shared intention established by both partners. Very different from the required technical skills it is nevertheless an essential ingredient and can elevate the whole dance to a visual form of art when done well. These components of awareness and intention are respected and honored by both partners and allows the technical part of the dance to be flawlessly performed. One partner leads and the other follows and one without the other - a partner or awareness and intention - is simply incomplete.
There are other dances between various partners that we all observe throughout our lives each having their own steps to learn, their own unique partnerships and their own mutual shared intention. There's the dance of friendship, of marriage, and of parent and child just to name a few. Another one to consider and which you may or may not find surprising is the dance between human and animal which occurs everywhere daily on a constant basis and specifically the dance occurring during a session of canine massage.
My second confession is that it always has been and always will be my animal partner that makes our canine massage session effortless. More importantly any missteps that occur during the massage are mine alone and usually are because I'm not paying close enough attention to the communication - verbal and nonverbal - from my massage partner. Although you might think that the technical part of the massage - learning canine anatomy, the strokes and sequence of strokes - is more difficult it is truly the lesser part of the massage. The more challenging area lies in the flow of massage, if you will, occurring on a moment to moment basis and in my ability to read and match my canine partner's awareness level of what they are experiencing through my touch.
"What part on the body do I touch next, does this particular area need more attention, is the animal reaching their maximum energy load level and need a few minutes to regroup" are just a few of the questions that go through my mind during a massage session. Moreover, and on another level I am keenly aware of the responses being given to me from my partner which enable me to safely and effectively manage the whole of the massage. My awareness of my massage partner and my responses back to their cues is crucial in order to achieve our mutual shared intention of a step forward on the return path to the animal's intrinsic state of wellness. It is, in fact, the animal's lead that I follow in order to answer all of these questions. It is the animal's lead that I follow to attain that elusive level of separate and different yet equal and joined partnership that I've been kindly told at times appears magical.
Phew! I feel so much better now that the truth is out and I'm grateful to you, gentle reader, for being my partner in my confessions. The best partnerships are the ones in which each partner puts the other partner first. I'd like to think that by pulling back the curtain on what really goes on during a canine massage just might make a difference for you at some point in your future. I continue to learn daily from all animals' masterful ability to live moment to moment and in their ultimate desire to be effective partners with the humans in their lives. They truly do make our dances with them wondrous to behold when we follow their lead.

The Artist and Animal Communication

I came across something the other day in my mom's "remem'ry drawer" that was both endearingly funny and insightful. This particular drawer that most mothers have somewhere in their houses is where they place things to "remem'ry" about their children's lives. At least, that's what my siblings and I (there are 6 of us) named this drawer when we were much younger - a combination of remember and memory - which was actually located in the bottom of my dad's dresser.
This special drawer holds report cards - good and bad alike - sweet and tender notes written in crayon for Mother's Day or birthdays, shockingly bad grade school photos that only a mother could love, and other such charming mementos of a son or daughter's childhood to cherish from time to time. The funny and insightful object I mentioned earlier was my signature when I was about 12 written in neat cursive with the letter "F" in Flynn in the traditional boat-with-a-cap-on-it style and it read: "Lizanne Flynn, The Great Artist". I think I was typical in my desires at that point in my life as is every other girl - to have a horse and be an artist. Our young feminine fantasies are the stuff of gossamer and lace and gifts of roses from adoring fans who marvel at both our talent and the product of that talent, be in it art or horseback-riding.
I've dabbled in many forms of creativity over the years - watercolor painting, crocheting (I still do this), jewelry-making (I still do that) to name a few. Nthers, such as pottery and painting with acrylics or oils I've yet to attempt - maybe someday. They all pale in comparison to the richness of color, complexity of medium, and daunting challenge of completely finishing a piece that is the essence of the art of animal communication. You see, energy is my medium and specifically the energy created by both human and non-human animals, sentient beings alike, complete with spiritual lives and lessons to be learned together. The work of art co-created and facilitated by an animal communicator has a life-long ripple effect for both animal and guardian as it is gilded with love and compassion for self and the other at the same time.
Attention to technique is sometimes involved at the beginning of an art project for instance, by using the correct mixture of clay and water as in pottery. There might be the preparation of the canvas with water or other substances. There's the selection of colors and paintbrushes, or yarn and hook or needle. Last but not least is, of course, subject matter. "What is to be created, what meaning will it have and how do I want it to be interpreted? What sort of emotion do I want my visual piece of creation to call forth from the observer? Am I trying to call attention to a cultural issue within our society or do I just want to create a picture of fall because it's my favorite season?" Yes, the scope is that broad and oftentimes just as formidable. Still, the creative voice within the artist perseveres and knows no rest until it is released from within and outwardly shared.
Once the tools are assembled the creative flame sparks and catches fire. At first the flames are small and low in number needing fuel from within the individual to continue burning. It is an assortment of talents and skills that are called forth perhaps unconsciously by the artist to provide the very breath the fire craves. These things lie dormant within an "other" space existing in all of us that is capable of such great feats of creativity it would be a shame not to visit it from time to time if only to reveal to ourselves our deep and divine potential. It is within this "other" space that an animal communicator works in creating their particular piece of art consisting of the interpretation of pictures, words, and feelings from non-human sentient beings, the animals.
I start with a blank canvas although to the animal's guardian who is asking for my help it appears much differently. It's fairly common for the unwelcome behavior issues of the animal (the majority of an animal communicator's work) to resemble a mixture of sharp, jagged edges and discordant colors that snarl and hiss with their disruptive nature in the lives of both human and non-human animals. Reframing of the picture's contents is necessary so that balance and harmony can once again reign supreme in their lives. In order to accomplish this goal a separate piece of artwork is created that provides a fresh perspective for all involved that can be cherished for its depth of emotion and simplicity (usually) of issue resolution. They'll hang side by side as a testament to the heart-centered relationship between human and non-human animal, both pictures necessary to keep the partnership focused on the progress made together.
My own attention to technique in this art form involves explaining the process to the human and ensuring that they understand the journey they are about to undertake with their animal companion may be, at times, uncomfortable. There may be delicate issues brought forth by the non-human animal which the human animal may not like to see. Securing permission from the guardian both as to the process and access to their energy along with their companion animal's energy is vitally important as they are the true creators of the finished project. Additionally, I ask for verification from the guardian that there was a recent vet visit to rule out any medical issues such as infection that may masquerade as emotional ones.
Technique complete, I can begin preparation of the canvas starting with a series of questions from the human that are designed to draw forth from the animal the answers the human so desperately seeks. "Why are you not using the litterbox? Why do you bark so much when the doorbell rings? Why are you afraid of the stairs?" These are just some of the questions that the animal's guardian may propose to begin the communication session. Once I hear the questions and talk with the guardian I start to get a tingling sense, a knowing if you will, of the dynamic between human and non-human animal that tells me where I'm going to add or subtract questions during the session. This occurs much in the same way a painter adds or subtracts colors or the way a weaver changes colors on the loom that affects the whole of the artwork. Here I follow the animal's lead as they best know what needs to be revealed to the human so that they can work productively together both during and after the session. Animals are, in fact, far more intuitive than humans given that they still depend on their
intuition for well-being in situations where they lack human language skills - in other words, their daily existence in the human world.
It is at this point that my specific type of artwork begins to draw in the energy of both the human and non-human animal as each plays a role in co-creating the finished piece between them. I begin to unfold the wrinkles in the fabric of energy between animal and guardian so that I can access both human and non-human thoughts, emotions and higher selves. The interpretation of the animal communication artwork has specific and, at times, very personal meaning to both animal and guardian. There will be lessons that are part of the pact they each (perhaps unknowingly) signed when they entered each other's lives that comprise the ultimate subject matter of the artwork. During this process I need to be alert yet relaxed, questioning yet having no expectations so that I can move in concert with the images, words and feelings that flood my being. I need to trust that all will be revealed as necessary which has gotten much easier with time. Truly, this is a living piece of art as in the best of situations the energy will change between human and non-human animal. Words fail to describe what it is like to witness the absolutely spectacular healing happening at the soul level for both human and non-human animal when an energy shift occurs.
The information coming from the animal is from both their current life-form selves and their higher selves. The communication is usually very direct and honest which sometimes shocks the guardian into silence or perhaps tears. There's often laughter mixed in with the tears as animal's directness can also be quite funny and endearing to the guardian. It is never without compassion for the human and firmly gentle requests for a change in behavior - on the human's part - that will allow the companion animal to return to their intrinsic state of wellness and harmony. Perhaps this is the most surprising element of all to those not familiar with animal communication. It is the human whose choices within the human-animal relationship have - a good majority of the time - caused the animal to mirror back those choices in their own unique way. There's no cause for guilt at this juncture - just a humble and heart-centered agreement to change what can be changed and accommodation for what cannot be changed. Little, however, can't actually be changed - it's all a matter of perception.
In the end the masterpiece, with the barely dry paint or still-kiln-warm brilliant glaze, is held up for both human and non-human animal to view. I've heard gasps of delight, again co-mingled with tears, at the depth of honesty, trust and love that was woven into a very unique piece of art belonging only to this particular match of human and non-human animal. The humans are often stunned by their participation in the co-creation process and I see images of the preferred future for the pair - from the animal's higher self - that sometimes makes me blissfully happy for them. The animals are always prompt and sincere in their expressions of gratitude for the process - a good reminder to humans, gentle reader, that being nice matters in the world today.
I learn something every single time I am honored to be part of an animal communication session. Without fail I am imperceptibly changed by my energetic interaction in a sacred "other" space alongside two other sentient beings. Each time I pledge to continue from a deep creative place my particular form of art - that of animal communicator - in order to reveal the divine possibilities of love. This, in the end, is all that really matters.

Reiki - Warm Hands or Warm Body - Which Comes First?

(Another Chicken and the Egg Predicament)
I'm thinking of the line we've all heard at some point in our lives - "It's not you, really - it's me". These words are typically used during a challenging situation when one person is attempting to alleviate the burden of emotional responsibility for another person. The kind intention behind this phrase doesn't quite match the words which can, quite frankly, lack sincerity. One is left wondering whether in fact the speaker is being honest with themselves and thus the other person involved. Regardless of your personal experience with the above phrase, I offer it now with the utmost sincerity and honesty if I've had either the privilege of sharing the experience of Reiki with you or will be sharing it with you in the near future. Only I'm going to switch the words around on you a bit:
It IS you, really - it's NOT me.
I've received reports from numerous Reiki recipients of my warm hands feeling so good on their cooler body parts. Sometimes it's feet or hands, other times it's the small of the back or between the shoulder blades. This warmth can be both remarkably powerful and remarkably humbling because it becomes apparent that in mere seconds the human body has the capacity to generate considerable heat. There have also been the comments of a sore or painful area of the body being initially warm to my touch and becoming much warmer only to cool down just as quickly. Let's also throw into this mix reports that although my hands got warmer fast during a Reiki session they certainly were on the cool side to begin with. And there are also reports that my hands stayed merely lukewarm during the entire session. Finally, most everyone has said that each experience with Reiki was different and better than the last session indicating the body's ability to sustain self-healing energy - it just needs access to the source. Here are some things to consider when pondering this issue:
My own body temperature does run on the cool side - 96.8 is my typical body temperature - and I also tend to have cool hands and definitely cold feet. So from where does all of this heat in my hands come? And how is it possible that my warm hands could touch a human body and have such a profound effect so quickly? The very simple answer to this question is that I have been attuned to Reiki energy by another Reiki Master - yes, that's my final answer. The true gift of a Reiki attunement no matter what level is that one's own body and hands have exactly the same response when Reiki is given to oneself. For me, that's on a daily basis. More on this life path transformation later.
Think of Reiki as the outlet on the wall into which you plug your favorite machine - your body. My hands and I are the electrical cord that runs between your body and the Reiki outlet facilitating the current of energy from the outlet - in this case, universal life energy that flows in abundance from the Universe. In effect, I am not generating any warmth from my own body; rather I am letting the energy of Reiki flow through me and my hands into your body. Fine, you say - but that doesn't explain how my own body gets so warm sometimes in a very short period of time. AHA!, I exclaim - you're absolutely right! Remember the saying: "It IS you, really - it's NOT me."
Your physical body is responding - sometimes in very profound ways - to the Reiki energy that my hands conduct. Your physical body is the originator of the self-healing energy it needs in order to be healthy and vital. When your body finds the energy source from which it needs to replenish itself in the form of Reiki there is going to be response of some kind with heat being the most typical. Other responses include a tingling over your entire body, waves of warmth and energy washing over your entire body and an ever-so-slight out-of-body feeling. Your body's physical response to this energy is what causes my hands to become warm as the conductor of this energy. Heat represents healing as oxygenated blood is brought to the area that is temporarily imbalanced and then all kinds of physiological responses take place, many of which have been measured through research about the effects of Reiki on the human body. The immune system is revitalized, blood pressure is lowered, and brain functioning becomes clearer. When my hands as the cord to the Reiki outlet energy come into contact with a request for self-healing from your body - well, like any machine plugged into the appropriate form of energy overall functioning is going to start to run more smoothly. Certain physical "machine parts" be they muscles, joints, or organs are going to become more balanced. In addition, if your particular issue is of an emotional nature you will find that the solution to your issue is discovered or made apparent to you as if it was there all along. You will reach new depths of understanding about yourself and the situation that is troubling you because Reiki always goes to where it's needed most based on the individual's spiritual development at that point in time. This all happens because your body, in its miraculous wisdom, recognizes the universal life energy that it's been seeking - sometimes for a long time. It's no wonder that the response is significant because the human body was made to perform well and to be in harmony with itself and its surrounding environment.
The remaining issue of lukewarm hands and body I invite you to view with love and compassion for yourself and your particular situation. It could be that you are not ready to let go of whatever issue it is that is troubling you - that is your choice and I support your choices completely because they are yours to make. Life lessons come in many forms and whenever you determine you are ready to release and move forward Reiki will find its way into your life. Most certainly, the mind's intention about letting go of an issue is at the core here as the mind ultimately controls and can override the body's responses to Reiki. You and I can plug ourselves into Reiki and unless your intention is set for self-healing on a deep and committed level your body and my hands will remain lukewarm. I cannot force Reiki on anyone as that runs counter to the principles of Reiki and my own self-healing intention every time I act as a facilitator for Reiki energy. Plus, we're not seeking self-healing for my body - we are seeking it for yours.

If, however, you are ready to take your self-healing to a new and deeper level I invite you to consider Reiki Level 1 attunement. Those individuals who have received multiple Reiki sessions have already experienced the deepening of sustainable energy of which the body is capable with each session being different and better than the previous one. This is exactly what being attuned to Reiki is like - the body learns how to efficiently and effectively use the self-healing energy it receives and to become a conductor of this energy for others. This is the life path transformation part I mentioned earlier.
The initiations into Reiki levels work from the outside in - thus on the first level the focus is on self-healing in the physical form - the body. What other self-healing modality allows the practitioner to heal themselves in exactly the same way that they are facilitating self-healing for others? I believe Reiki is unique in this area and it has allowed me to transform my self-healing to a level that has made a significant difference in my life. It's not necessary for you to make Reiki part of your career path as the riches of attunement can be applied in all areas of your personal life. Think of it as your own energy lotion that you can apply for not only your highest good but for the highest good of all involved who are receiving Reiki from you. The list of possible recipients of this self-healing energy is endless: your animal companions (my most favorite Reiki recipients), plants, food, machines, situations at work or home, relationships...We are all made of energy so the opportunity for Reiki is literally everywhere. Here are some questions and answers to consider when evaluating whether attunement to Reiki is for you:
Does it hurt to be attuned to Reiki?
No J- sometimes there is a physical response to the attunement such as your hands becoming warm or feeling energy pass through you and sometimes the effect is very subtle. It's most like receiving Reiki from a Reiki practitioner and I respectfully request that if you are considering Reiki attunement and you and I haven't shared Reiki that you sign up for a free initial session with me.
Can I hurt anyone by giving them Reiki?
No J- remember, as universal life force energy Reiki is about balance. Whatever that individual needs in order to be in balance based on their spiritual development at that point in time is the amount of Reiki they will receive - never more, never less.
What affects will I notice by receiving a Reiki attunement?
For each level of Reiki attunement there is a self-healing process that happens. Up to 21 days after the attunement on the physical level, for instance, you may notice your body purging itself of imbalances that you no longer need. Again, as you are an individual this will vary from subtle to profound. Then you are on your way to deep self-healing at the very least.
Why is there a cost for Reiki attunement?
Because Reiki is about balance as energy is put forth in doing the attunement and education for becoming attuned the universe requires an equitable exchange of return energy. In our culture that energy takes the form of money the same way that it does for yoga classes.
How long before I can be attuned to Reiki Level 2?
I recommend a minimum of 30 days - or every month - before attempting the next level of Reiki. The physical body needs that amount of time to readjust to the new flow of energy that it's receiving.
Does this mean I can't have additional Reiki sessions?
Absolutely not! J Becoming attuned is one of your life's choices that I completely support and doesn't exempt you from having all the Reiki you'd like. In fact, some of the most wonderful sessions I've had myself are from other Reiki practitioners. Because we're both attuned to Reiki the energy flow has been that much more dynamic and the effects that much more far-reaching.

Reiki Below the Surface

Rei (Universal) Ki (Energy)
Living creatures are like snowflakes - no two are alike. I have been honored and blessed several times over at sharing Reiki with many clients all of whom have been lovely individual snowflakes. All had different physical bodies, different emotional bodies and different energetic bodies with one thing in common - an intention for self-healing through Reiki. I want to share with you a composite theoretical picture made up from just a few of my clients so that you might see how Reiki works below the surface and with these different layers of bodies.
One other key difference underneath the physical body is each individual's body's response to Reiki. Because each physical body is unique Reiki is going to be processed differently by the body itself. Take the example of two people with painful right arms injured in falls 2 months ago. You might think that Reiki would be applied by the body similar to a physical band-aid because all things seem equal, right? Not necessarily because Reiki will go where it's needed most - so let's delve underneath the surface. Person A might have been rushing to get to work and took a shortcut through a patch of ice. The resulting fall might have caused them to miss an important meeting at work and as they were already on thin ice (my apologies for the pun) with the boss they received a demotion in pay.
I know, sounds extreme - but you never know with life. Person B on the other hand might have been ice skating indoors with their kids for the first time in years and got knocked over by the cute teen couple holding hands and not looking where they were going. An accident, pure and simple. Most definitely the emotional trauma underlying Person A's fall seems to be dramatically different than the accident that occurred with Person B. That will significantly alter how Reiki is both received and processed by the body - in this case perhaps mostly on an emotional level with Person A and perhaps mostly on a physical level with Person B. I say "perhaps" because other pieces of information may come forward to change this process even further and on a deeper level.
Because the body holds a memory of physical, emotional and mental trauma incurred through a lifetime there may well be extenuating circumstances with Person A or B that helps or hinders the body's ability to self-heal. Perhaps Person B (skating accident) suffered a similar fall 15 years ago when they were 10 years old while skating outside on a lake that was starting to thaw. Person B fell through the ice and had to be rescued by the local fire department. Even though the environment within which Person B hurt their arm again is obviously different (an indoor skating rink) the body will definitely remember the first trauma and relate it to the new fall - whether consciously desired by Person B or not. The overriding issue then becomes one of if the body is given the opportunity for self-healing how is that going to occur?
To me, it is a complex issue versus an issue that is complicated. The wisdom of the body takes over at this point and will direct the healing energy to the place - physical, mental or emotional - that the body determines needs it the most. Think of the last time you got something as slight as a paper cut on your hand or something as significant as undergoing heart by-pass surgery. After the initial injury and attempt at repair (surgery, band-aid etc.) of one thing I am certain - you did NOT have to tell your body to heal itself. That happened